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The current Tour Auto treads in the footsteps of events dating back to the first Tour de France Automobile in 1899. It’s the oldest motor car race still organized!


The “Tour de France Automobile”, under the wing of the Automobile Club de France, was born in 1899. Run again in 1906, taking into consideration the performance of cars at this time, the 4,000 km event was a veritable adventure. The event was interrupted several times, principally due to the wars. The first post WWII event took place in 1951.

The “Tour de France Automobile” was a unique event in the world of motor racing, with a mix of open road, classic race track and hill track scores across France. By the early 1960s, the Tour de France was a simply amazing event. The grids were full of amazing cars driven by stars like Rauno AaltonenJean-Pierre BeltoiseLucien BianchiBernard DarnichePatrick DepaillerVic ElfordGérard LarrousseWilly MairesseTimo MakinenHenri PescaroloJo SchlesserMaurice Trintignant


Stopped once again in 1965, the rally was revived in 1969 thanks to five-time winner Bernard Consten.

This golden era saw prototypes such as Matra 650, Ferrari 512 and Ford GT40 on the roads, as well as the “Tour Auto” name for the first time. Ten years later, economic constraints linked to the oil crisis affected the event. In 1986, due to the lack of sponsors and of competitors, the 50th event was the final one in its original form.


In 1992, Patrick Peter brought new blood to the Tour Auto. Supported by several motor racing enthusiasts, he gave the event a second life as an historic event for classic cars of a model that competed in the original Tour de France Automobile between 1951 and 1973. In three years, the Tour Auto became one of the top historic rallies in the world.

The Tour Auto has always been appreciated by renowned drivers and celebrities like Rauno AaltonenRowan Atkinson (Mr Bean), Jürgen BarthFélix BaumgartnerDerek BellGuy Berryman (Coldplay), Jack BrabhamKenny BräckClaude BrasseurFrançois ChatriotErik ComasMaëva Coucke (Miss France), Yannick DalmasBernard DarnicheCyril DespresLuc FerryGuy FréquelinGérard HoltzArsène JiroyanJacques LaffiteGérard LarrousseSimon Le Bon (Duran Duran), Jochen MassStirling MossOlivier PanisHenri PescaroloEmanuele PirroJean RagnottiWalter RörhlArmin SchwarzPatrick TambayAri Vatanen



1992CompétitionSevin – PerattaPorsche 911
1992RégularitéBinns – CollardFord Cortina
1993CompétitionKoel – HugenholtzFerrari 365 GTB/4
1993RégularitéKohler – MaltzanAustin Healey
1994CompétitionLewis – BellFord GT 40
1994RégularitéSaguato – SaguatoLancia Stratos
1995CompétitionBoell – RuttcherFerrari 365 GTB/4
1995RégularitéRobinet – ChalsecheNSU 1000 TTS
1996CompétitionLarrousse – PerramondPorsche 911 S
1996RégularitéWeiland – WalterMercedes 300 SL
1997CompétitionPescarolo – RivesAC Cobra Daytona
1997RégularitéThiriet – MeffrayTriumph TR3 A
1998CompétitionRöhrl – DauphinPorsche 356 A
1998RégularitéBerstein – KlagesJaguar XK120
1999CompétitionHugenholtz – Hugenholtz-AbriouFord Mustang
1999RégularitéLindner – LindnerPorsche 904 GTS
2000CompétitionHugenholtz – Hugenholtz-AbriouFord GT 40
2000RégularitéKrieglsteiner – BergerPorsche 356 A
2001CompétitionHugenholtz – Hugenholtz-AbriouFord GT 40
2001RégularitéSucari – CeladaFerrari 365 GTB/4
2002CompétitionChiles – MountfordFord GT 40
2002RégularitéSucari – CeladaFerrari 365 GTB/4
2003CompétitionChiles – MountfordFord GT 40
2003RégularitéSucari – CeladaFerrari 365 GTB/4
2004CompétitionHugenholtz – Hugenholtz-AbriouLotus Elan
2004RégularitéSucari – BaccanelliFerrari 250 GT Lusso
2005CompétitionSheldon – StevensLotus Elan
2005RégularitéDe Lesseps – BrandAston Martin DB4 GT
2006CompétitionHugenholtz – Hugenholtz-AbriouLotus Elan
2006RégularitéLinwood – LinwoodAlfa Romeo Giulia
2007CompétitionHugenholtz – HugenholtzLotus Elan
2007RégularitéLinwood – LinwoodCitroën SM
2008CompétitionCaron – PayenAC Cobra
2008RégularitéLinwood – LinwoodPorsche 911 RS 2,7l
2009CompétitionLynn – KivlochanFord GT 40
2009RégularitéWillis – WillisMG A
2010CompétitionLajournade – BaronLotus Elan
2010RégularitéDe Miguel – SuarezFerrari 275 GTB
2011CompétitionCaron – DavidAC Corbra
2011RégularitéRuston – HaylockPorsche 356 Speedster
2012CompétitionLynn – KivlochanAC Cobra
2012RégularitéNicoules – GauthierFord Mustang
2013CompétitionMonteverde – PearsonAC Cobra
2013RégularitéNicoules – NicoulesFord Mustang
2014CompétitionLynn – KivlochanAC Cobra
2014RégularitéMeykan – TervinouAlpine A110 1600 S
2015CompétitionLajournade – BouchetJaguar Type E 3,8L
2015RégularitéNicoules – NicoulesAlpine A110 1600 S
2016CompétitionLajournade – BouchetJaguar Type E 3,8L
2016RégularitéSucari – SucariFerrari 250 GT Berlinetta
2017CompétitionSmith – CottinghamFord GT 40
2017RégularitéHinrichsen – MayoMaserati 200 SI
2018CompétitionFavaro – BadanLotus Elan
2018RégularitéRigondet – SouillardCG 1200 S
2019CompétitionFavaro – BadanLotus Elan
2019RégularitéHamoniau – LottheFerrari 250 GT Lusso
2020CompétitionFavaro – NicoletJaguar Type E 3,8L
2020RégularitéNicoules – NicoulesFord Mustang 289
2021CompétitionVan Riet – WernerShelby Cobra 289
2021RégularitéJay – JayLancia Fulvia 1600 HF
2022CompétitionBoutsen – OrdioniShelby Cobra 289
2022RégularitéMartens – PyckVolvo PV 444
2023CompétitionBerchon - BordierJaguar E-Type 3.8
2023RégularitéHamoniau - DupardFerrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso
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