For this 21st edition of what has become an absolute must on the annual women’s motor sport calendar, we’ve designed a 100% original route to keep teams who will be joining us for this totally unique event on their toes every inch of the way. After leaving Paris, the teams will head north to Le Touquet and then head west to Deauville, Dinard and La Baule.

Saturday 14 May 2022
Verifications: Place Vendôme, Paris

Sunday 15 May 2022 – Stage 1
Paris – Le Touquet

Monday 16 May 2022 – Stage 2
Le Touquet – Deauville

Tuesday 17 May 2022 – Stage 3
Deauville – Dinard

Wednesday 18 May 2022 – Stage 4
Dinard – La Baule

Thursday 19 May 2022 – Stage 5
La Baule – La Baule

Saturday 14 May 2022: scrutineering in Paris, Place Vendôme

Synonymous with this gem of an event, the Place Vendôme will once again host the Rallye des Princesses Richard Mille kickoff. This jewel-box of a venue, designed by Jules Hardouin-Mansart at the end of the 17th century, is the ideal stage to showcase these motorsport treasures. Basking in the golden rays of late spring, they will be examined in every detail by our officials and their drivers and co-pilots will be given the final insider tips by our seasoned pro’s. The competitors will enjoy their last few moments of relaxation and rekindling among friends whilst sipping bubbly and other nectars of the gods thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, Tsarine Champagne, La Chênaie Cosmetics, Meguiar’s, Contrex water and Domaine Bertaud Belieu wines. Last but not least, an event within the event, they will gather for the opening night cocktail party in the grand salon at the Pavillon Vendôme Potel & Chabot to celebrate in style the 21st year of dazzling thrills.

Sunday 15 May 2022: Paris – Le Touquet (303 km)

Sunday morning, the teams will all need to be at the starting line for the 21st Rallye des Princesses Richard Mille at 8:30am sharp. The participants will pull away from the glamorous Place Vendôme in the order of their assigned numbers heading north of Paris, past the legendary Chantilly Castle to fuel up on courtly glitz before tackling the challenging maneuvers. The stop watch will start ticking for the 21st edition of our annual Princesses’ Rally on the road north from the capital via the famous Chantilly castle where the teams’ skills will be tested as they drive through the Picardie region on their first two Regularity Zones (RZ) before stopping for lunch in Ailly-sur-Noye. Two more RZ will make sure the teams are paying attention as they drive through the breathtaking Baie de Somme nature park and the exquisite Marquenterre park. That night we’ll relax at the charming seaside town of Le Touquet-Paris Plage on the Opal coast to wrap up this first day of intense competition with a distinctly friendly atmosphere. It goes without saying that the Princesses’ road north will not be paved with bad intentions!

Monday 16 May 2022: Le Touquet – Deauville (327 km)

After the opening day’s warm-up session, the second leg will bring the competitors slightly south to the Seine-Martime region and lunch at the Varengeville castle, which Claude Monet so loved. There’s no denying we’re in Normandy now! As the sun wanes on the horizon, we’ll explore the Boucles de Brotonne nature park and make our way to the seaside town of Deauville, also known as Paris’ 21st district! Like all the other days, this one will be punctuated with 4 RZ that focus on the teams’ navigational skills!

Tuesday 17 May 2022: Deauville – Dinard (328 km)

Halfway through the adventure, the thrills continue in the Pays d’Auge. As we leave upper Normandy to play in the lower part, a gorgeous RZ will lead our princesses to what is referred to as the Swiss Normandy for a lovely lunch at Domaine de Laumondière in the darling town of Bagnoles-de-l’Orne. The motor sport challenges continue in the afternoon with two RZ that will bring the group to the famous Saint-Michel island monastery before entering Brittany and the seaside town of Dinard, on the incomparable Emerald coast!

Wednesday 18 May 2022: Dinard – La Baule (318 km)

Yet another amazing day is in store for the fourth leg of this year’s event. Both the princesses’ athletic edge and their tourist tendencies will be delighted as we set out along the exquisite granite coastline of St-Briac-sur-Mer and descend southwesterly into the land of Merlin the Magician and our fairy godmother Viviane! Next on the menu: lunch at theDomaine de la Chasse et Iffendic . Naturally we must allow our royal ladies a treat or two so we’ll let them taka a spin on the legendary Lohéac racetrack, which our friend, the owner/founder of the magazines Auto Hebdo and Échappement, Michel Hommell, truly adores. Then it’s time for two more RZ to test our princesses’ skills before crossing the incomparable Marais de la Grande Brière and the Guérande salt marshes, and the equally impressive beach town of La Baule!

Thursday 19 May 2022: La Baule – La Baule (235 km)

On to the fifth and final leg of this remarkable journey! This incredibly refreshing itinerary will include three tough-as-ever RZ to wrap up the athletic aspects of the 21st annual Richard Mille Princesses’ Rally. The last few navigational traps will be set to separate the cream of the crop from the rest of the crew. The teams that roared their engines as they left Paris five days prior will take a well-deserved break for lunch at the Manoir de Randrecard at Treffléan. All bets will have been laid at that point so the remarkable women can all relax and enjoy the ride back to La Baule for the awards ceremony, guided by the scent of pine trees and sea breezes to conclude this all-new, anniversary edition of the Richard Mille Princesses’ Rally!