Take advantage of VIP reception areas in ideal locations, with breathtaking views over the track, and enjoy the events to the full, in complete comfort, with the option of refreshments throughout the day.

Hospitality Packages include access to the general enclosure and paddocks, with VIP parking. You will also have access to a dedicated area with reception and catering services throughout the day (breakfast, cocktail reception or lunch, snacks and permanent open bar).

Packages are available for each event at prices ranging from €230 to €1,430 including VAT. More information and tailor-made offers at: !

The Vintage Revival is an iconic motoring event celebrating the golden age of motor racing and vintage culture at the famous UTAC Linas-Montlhéry circuit. Package 1924 offers you a shared box to welcome your company to the heart of the Vintage Revival event.

Spa-Classic is one of the most popular events of the season, eagerly awaited by the drivers and attracting large numbers of spectators every year!

Often referred to as the “most beautiful circuit in the world”, Spa-Francorchamps could also be described as a “photographer’s paradise”. Few tracks offer spectators the chance to complete a full lap without losing sight of the track.

For the drivers of the series by Peter Auto, the short 3,800-metre Dijon-Prenois circuit presents a formidable challenge, with the uphill Parabolic hairpin and the very fast and interminable Pouas curve in particular!

This event is the oldest historic racing meeting in France, with the first edition of the Coupes de l’Age d’Or having been held in 1964 at Rouen-les-Essarts, as the opening event of the French Formula 1 Grand Prix.

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