Peter Auto Magazine #01

Enjoy new thrills in 2019 as Mylène Dorange helps you discover Peter Auto events. The Espiritu de Montjuïc, the meeting that kicked off the season, is the setting for the first airing of the magazine. On this evening’s programme:



_The 2.0L Cup created by the Peter Auto teams a year ago was an instant success as proved by the first race of the 2019 season, which attracted 24 cars!

_BMW 3.0 CSLs and Ford Capri RSs are the favourites in the Heritage Touring Cup, but other cars can race in it like this Triumph Dolomite Sprint, one of the newcomers in Barcelona.

_From the Barcelona paddock, Pierre-Antoine Lecoutour (Peter Auto competition department) explains us the philosophy of The Greatest’s Trophy: “the most beautiful cars of the 50s and 60s”.

_A historic moment. The start of the first Endurance Racing Legends event, the new grid. A reminder of the BPR as a Bentley Speed 8, Chryslers and a Ferrari 333 SP roar out onto the track! 

_Speaking of the Espiritu de Montjuïc would not be complete without evoking the Escuderia Montjuïc. It was one of the rare Spanish teams to distinguish itself under Franco’s regime. It is represented in Classic Endurance Racing 1 .

_Another newcomer at the weekend in Catalonia was a Lola T600 driven in the past by Bobby Rahal and Brian Redman: it will be one of the star attractions in Classic Endurance Racing 2 this season.

_Huge wings, faired-in lights, wide wings and canopy-like windscreens make the Group Cs the spectators’ favourites. Here we see the Jaguar XJR12 driven by Ivan Vercoutere.

_The Sixties’ Endurance race is the longest as it lasts two hours with an obligatory pit stop. It was run just as the sun was sinking bringing together all the ingredients required for a 24-hour race.

The next Peter Auto magazine will be aired on Youtube on Tuesday 7th May and will be entirely devoted to the Tour Auto Optic 2000 .