Jean Brandenburg tribute

Jean Brandenburg has definitely passed away today. His funeral service is held this morning. Just as the vintage cars’ fair for which he held much love, was about to start. No use for a funeral eulogy: all who knew him, loved him, and will remember him on this occasion.

At Peter Auto, we have found solace, though very little: Jean lived his passion to the end, joining the meetings he was fond of. Sometimes he said that he was tired, leaving the steering wheel to his co-drivers; but he was there, according to Baron Coubertin’s saying of the Olympic Games: ‘the important thing is taking part’. And he really took part, sharing with delight the ’afters’, friendly moments which followed, or sometime preceded those along the track.

To his spouse Bao, and his family, Sylviane and Patrick Peter joined by the competition team who also appreciated him very much, express their heartfelt condolences.