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Experience Retromobile in preview and during evenings

Who hasn’t dreamt of visiting Retromobile in preview, the day before the opening to the public, with the possibility of visiting the stands or taking advantage of the evening openings to discover all the wonders. For the 2023 edition, Retromobile and Peter Auto are proposing a selection of exclusive offers for the 2023 edition with two packages:

The avant-première offer

VIP Lounge Service (Tuesday 31 January from 7 to 10 pm, offered for groups or individuals )

As part of the AVANT-PREMIÈRE offer, the VIP Lounge Service  provides VIP access to the Retromobile preview evening on Tuesday 31 January, from 7pm to 10pm. This offer also includes the Welcome Pack, the VIP Lounge Service and its tasty surprises!  As soon as you arrive, the service sets the pace! Picked up by a hostess, access to a guaranteed private area, cocktail party, open bar with champagne, these are just some of the ingredients for a successful evening!

Unit price: €. 300 VAT non inclusive

The VIP Nocturne offer

VIP Lounge Service (Wednesday 1 February or Friday 3 February from 7 to 10 pm. Available for groups or individuals).

Unable to attend the show preview on Tuesday 31 January? As part of the VIP NOCTURNE offer, the VIP Lounge Service allows you to enjoy access to the Retromobile show on Wednesday 1 or Friday 3 February, from 7pm to 10pm, under the same conditions as the VIP Lounge Service offer mentioned in the first part of the press release.

Unit price: €. 260 VAT non inclusive

In addition to access to one of the most beautiful ephemeral garages in the world, these hospitality offers represent a real sesame! Genuine keys to knowledge, they will treat their holders to the best anecdotes about the legendary vehicles on display. All this, thanks to the support of exceptional guides such as Gilles Blanchet, Jean-Luc Moreau and Igor Biétry, who come to share their passion with beautiful cars lovers!

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