Rallye des Princesses Richard Mille 2022, Leg 4 : Dinard - La Baule, from the Sea to the Ocean. - Peter Auto

Rallye des Princesses Richard Mille 2022, Leg 4 : Dinard – La Baule, from the Sea to the Ocean.

Our princesses left the Dinard Parc Fermé this morning around 8:30 in temperatures that were already high for the season heading for La Baule with its nine-kilometre long beach. A full day awaited them on the second-last leg of the event. Watch out, the engines were well warmed up! On the programme were four regularity zones and an event on the Lohéac circuit. On their way, the participants could admire the granite coast of Saint-Briac-sur-Mer. Then they ventured into the mystic lands of Merlin the Magician and the Arthurian legends. Just the inspiration the crews and cars needed in their quest for the Grail – first place in the overall classification, what else?

On their outing on the Lohéac circuit they were faced with a 2.2-km quick technical layout that alternates straights, tight chicanes and wide corners. A fun interlude compared to the country roads that helped Margot Laffite and Amanda Mille in #1 to push their BMW 507 to its limits: there was a great spectacle on the track this afternoon! American-German crew, Anji Aron and Corinne Tisserand in their #26 Porsche 356 C 1600 SC, were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to respect their set average despite which they adored their first circuit experience. The feeling of competitors Sabine Kâppeli and Emma Rabiller in their #74 Ferrai 308 GTB Quattrovalvole was much more radical. Regularity on open roads yes, on the circuit no! Several crews were taking part in a circuit event for the first time with greater or lesser degrees of apprehension, but they all emerged from the experience brimming with adrenaline to tackle the final ZR (regularity zone) of the day.

The inhabitants of La Baule welcomed local crew, Laure Caucanas and Maria Guessous, who were arriving back home as they passed under the finishing arch in the Guérande peninsula in their in #67 Alfa Romeo SP 1600. But they were not there to compete against a regularity average; they came to raise the awareness of the competitors and the general public about the prevention of cardio-vascular diseases in women. It was their first outing and they were flying the colours of the endowment fund, “Agir pour le Cœur des Femmes.”

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