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Presentation of two new concept cars

Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille intends to revive the glorious times of the 1920’s Concours d’Elegance by inviting car manufacturers and designers to introduce their concept cars to the public! The following lines unveil two new concept cars on display this year.

Delage D12

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The Delage D12 is a purely performance and pleasure car. The design is pure, aggressive and futuristic, inspired by Formula 1 and fighter planes. It is a wide, ultra-low profile car. As a hybrid, the Delage D12 delivers a total of 1100 hp, 990 hp comes from a home-made 7.6 litre V12 engine, with the final 110 hp coming from an electric motor (20 hp in the club version, which is 90 kilos lighter). The Delage D12 is the world’s first road-legal car equipped with the contractive suspension that revolutionised Formula 1 racing. The Delage D12 has the first carbon wheels with an aerodynamic brake cooling effect

Bugatti W16 Mistral

Since the launch of the Bugatti Veyron in 2005, the W16 engine has always been the beating heart of every Bugatti. The Bugatti W16 Mistral, the last Bugatti model to use the legendary W16 engine, is therefore powerful, exclusive and elegant. It is more than just an evolution of the Chiron, it is a roadster that pays tribute to the most legendary convertibles of the French carmaker. Visually, the connection with the Chiron is clear, although the design and engineering has been completely tailored to accommodate the lack of a roof, but according to the manufacturer, the W16 Mistral’s design also relies heavily on the Type 57 Grand Raid Roadster of 1934. The W16 Mistral is thus presented as “the” ultimate roadster.

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