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Richard Mille FIFE Regatta 2022: back to the biggest FIFE sailing regatta!

The FIFE Regatta Richard Mille went off without a hitch from 10 to 17 June 2022. The yachts of famous naval designer William Fife made their grand return to Scottish waters.

Photo credit : Gotz Goppert

More than twenty yachts met on the Scotland’s west coast. The event celebrated the 165th birthday of William Fife, a naval architect revered throughout the world. This 5th edition of the FIFE Regatta Richard Mille brought the “master’s” creations back to their birthplace, Fairlie on the Clyde river in Scotland, from where the event started.

Mariquita, Viola, Pen Duick and Moonbeam are names that, a century and a half later, are more than ever synonymous with elegance and pleasure. Moonbeam IV, a classic yacht designed and built in 1914, is well known and recognised in classic regattas with number 8 on her mainsail.

Gatherings on Scottish home waters are very rare: the last FIFE REGATTA was held in 2013. The almost timeless elegance of the classic yachts at this event provided a moving glimpse of Scotland’s proud maritime heritage and global legacy. The fleet included day boats, cruising and racing yachts, all with a specific pedigree linked to the Fife dynasty.

Participants alternated between regattas, parades and liaison courses, always in an idyllic setting. The night anchorages and rest days were animated by rowing races. The evenings were punctuated by the inevitable Scottish hospitality. In conclusion, this 5th FIFE Regatta Richard Mille was a real unique moment for all its participants and in general for all lovers of fine yachting.

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