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A class dedicated to Jean-Paul Belmondo’s cars

On board a Lorraine-Dietrich with Alain Delon in Borsalino (1970).

Breathless, Le Casse or Cop or thug, many are the films where we could see Jean-Paul Belmondo at the wheel of countless cars. In real life as on screen, Bebel was a beautiful cars great lover, he collected many automobiles as emblematic as varied. This year, to pay tribute to this movie star, a class dedicated to the cars that belonged to him and to the legendary ones from his films will be celebrated at the Richard Mille Chantilly Arts & Elegance Concours on 24 and 25 September.

In a Mercury Marquis for Un homme qui me plaît (1969).


Jean-Paul Belmondo has marked several generations of spectators with scenes, stunts and chases that have become iconic. Several models are linked to his filmography as the imposing Matra MS630 in Ho! or the superb Lorraine-Dietrich in Borsalino where we find the Belmondo / Delon thugs duo. In Love is a Funny Thing, we remember the lovers, Françoise (Annie Girardot) and Henri (Jean-Paul Belmondo) at the wheel of the Mercury Marquis Convertible through their American journey.


In front of and behind the camera, Jean-Paul satisfied his passion for beautiful cars. With a taste for Italian cars, we no longer count the models he collected, a 250 TdF Ferrari, a 250 California or a 308 GTS and a 246GT Dino. He also had a crush for the DB5 Aston Martin since he had two of them, a grey one and the other one, burgundy. The actor also owned a Ghibli Spider Maserati, an AC Bristol, a SP250 Daimler or a 403 Cabriolet Peugeot, a Gordini Renault-Alpine and a Panther Lima.

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