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Peter Auto supports FFVE in its action

What future lies ahead for collector cars in France faced with the progressive establishment of ZFEs (low-emission zones)?  Peter Auto supports the action of the FFVE in drawing up an alternative scenario to the one restricting circulation.

The low-emission mobility zones were created in France by the law on mobility orientation of 24th December 2019 to limit emissions of fine particles and nitrogen oxide caused by road traffic.  A decree of 17th September 2020 makes it obligatory to establish low-emission mobility zones in the most polluted regions during 2021.

The FFVE has been working actively for a year on the creation of a specific waiver against traffic restrictions for cars registered in the collector category (vehicles over 30 years of age in their original state reserved exclusively for leisure use). Backed by figures and examples the FFVE explains the minor role played by the collector car in terms of air pollution in particular, and the counter-productive effect that such a decision banning them from towns would have. 

To date nothing has been decided as the regulatory texts are supposed to be voted in 2021. The FFVE, however, is very hopeful that the authorities will listen to its arguments and introduce a specific sticker for collector cars allowing them to circulate in towns. 

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