On track this weekend at the Bugatti circuit - Peter Auto

On track this weekend at the Bugatti circuit

The Greatest’s Trophy – Alfra Romeo TZ2

Qu’elles sont belles les automobiles du plateau The Greatest’s Trophy ! et plus particulièrement cette rarissime Alfa Romeo TZ2 de 1965. Cette dernière présente néanmoins une petite particularité, le châssis sn #750122 est une reconstruction sur une base de TZ1 mais cela n’enlève pour autant rien au charme de celle que l’on surnomme “la petite GTO”. Alors qu’elle aurait été produite à moins de douze exemplaires, cette automobile est un véritable puzzle : châssis tubulaire fourni par la Società Aeronautica Italiana Ambrosini, coque en fibre de verre par Zagato à Milan, mécanique signée Alfa Romeo à Portello. Ce beau kit est ensuite assemblé à Udine dans l’usine Auto Delta de l’ingénieur Carlo Chiti.

Endurance Racing Legends – Riley & Scott Mk III #006

While Ferrari is working on the 333SP, Bill Riley and Mark Scott of Riley & Scott Cars company are working on a similar project: a fast, affordable, and reliable car for the World Sports Car category. The MKIII project will be their most iconic one. This car consists of a tubular steel frame and carbon composite panels. On the engine side, it is powered by a Chevrolet engine. The #006 chassis has five participations in the 24 Hours of Daytona, two in the 12 Hours of Sebring and one in the Le Mans Series. A 100% American record, with a victory at the Texas 500 Miles for its first race!

Classic Endurance Racing II – Porsche 924 Carrera GTP

The Porsche 924 is the first model from the Stuttgart manufacturer to be equipped with the ‘transaxle’ system (front engine, rear gearbox). In 1981, Porsche entered a 924 GTP with a dream team made of Jürgen Barth and Walter Röhrl at the wheel. The prototype is number 1 and its Hugo Boss livery is easily recognizable. Two chassis were built only. The beautiful German car present on the circuit is actually a chassis completely rebuilt by an enthusiastic family between 2009 and 2018. Indeed, almost ten years of hard work!

As a reminder, for all the cars considered as a replica or a continuation, the sporting regulations of the series by Peter Auto automatically classify these cars in Invitation class, without the possibility of scoring points or claiming the podium. Another possibility is the application of a penalty, usually in the form of a longer pit stop time during the mandatory stop. All of these cars are identified on the entry lists by a (C) after their designation.

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