Postponement of the Dix Mille Tours and arrival of Nogaro Historic

The series by Peter Auto 2021 calendar was supposed to start with the Dix Mille Tours on 26-28 March, but Peter Auto is obliged to announce the postponement of the event. Thus, a brand-new event has just joined the series by Peter Auto 2021 calendar – Nogaro Historic between 23-25.

The decision top postpone the Dix Mille Tours was self-evident given all the travel restrictions imposed on the competitors. Although the tuners and cars are already on French territory the majority of competitors in the Dix Mille Tours live abroad. The travelling conditions outside their frontiers brought in by various governments make their arrival impossible.

The current context should evolve very quickly and augurs a calmer second half of the year. Thus, a brand-new event has just joined the series by Peter Auto 2021 calendar – Nogaro Historic between 23-25 July which will be the 61st Grand-Prix hosted by the racetrack. It is the very first time that the series is visiting the south west of France. This is a region that will undoubtedly seduce French and international fans alike thanks to a quality circuit and typical fine gastronomic cuisine.       

Patrick Peter, President of Peter Auto: “We’re doing everything we can to continue to welcome all the participants to our events, but there are criteria that are independent of our will. Travelling conditions between different countries are part of these. However, we’re hopeful and people continue to live the passion on the social media, in their garage and at the roadside. That’s why we’re anticipating and already adding a new date to our 2021 calendar with Nogaro Historic during summer. We haven’t had the opportunity to return to this beautiful circuit for almost ten years. We’re delighted to be able to organize an event there, and I’m sure that our competitors and our clubs will really enjoy themselves in these lovely surroundings.”      

Photo: Classic Endurance Racing at Nogaro during the 2012 Coupes de Pâques.

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