2-litre Porsche 911, the early days of an icon

From 1963 to 1966, the Porsche 911 was available with a 2-litre engine. Today, it is the star of the only single-make grid in the Peter Auto series: the 2.0L Cup created in 2018.

In the early sixties, Porsche produced 7500 cars per year and also had to find a replacement for the 356 whose design dated from the immediate post-WWII period.

The solution was the 911 unveiled at the 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show. Its bodywork designed by Butzi Porsche, Ferry’s son, would imprint the make’s image in the collective memory for eternity! The public knew a winner when they saw one and the first six months’ production sold out immediately.  

The first version of the 911 was based on the main technical outlines of the 356 with an air-cooled engine installed in the rear overhang. But instead of the 4-cylinder engine of the 356, the 911 was powered by a flat-6 1991 cc motor developing 160 bhp.

1965 was a great year for the 911. On the sporting front it finished fifth in the Monte Carlo Rally driven by Herbert Linge and Peter Falk. On the road the Targa version of the 911 appeared: it had a removable roof and stood out because of its very attractive rear plus a fixed roll bar and a panoramic rear window.

Today, the 2-litre 911s from the period 1963-1966 fetch high prices on the collector market and there is also the added pleasure of seeing them racing in the 2.0L Cup.

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